Section Nails – Bollywood 2023






Some championships are held online, and some offline (Hybrid and online, and in the field) depending on the requirements of the participants, the possibilities of the organisers and judges. EVERY participant will received MEDAL for participation .


REGISTRATION open : 01.10.2023
REGISTRATION close :24.12.2023- 25.12.2023

START of Judging :02.01.2024
FINAL RESULTS Gala Awards live Facebook – 07.01.2024
TROPHY DELIVERY:20.01.2024-20.02.2024

REGISTRATION strictly e-mail:

Section Nail

If you do not have a Team or Team Leader, you can register individually directly by email


Categories of participation in the BRILIANT CUP WORLD Championship:

  1. JUNIOR STAR KIDS – Participant must be up 15 years old

2. DEBUT / DEBUT Instructor – Participant must to have more than 1 year experience .
Instructor must to have more that 1 year experince .
To qualify for the next category, you must participate in this one with 1 Nomination.

3. JUNIOR / JUNIOR Instructor – Participant must to have more than 2 years experience .
To qualify for the next category, you must participate in this one with 1-3 Nominations

4. MASTER / MASTER Instructor – Participant must to have more than 3-4 years experience .
Instructor must to have more that 3-4 years experince
To qualify for the next category, you must participate in this one with minimum 3 Nominations

5. Professional / Professional Instructor – Participant must to have more than 5 years experience . Instructor must to have more that 5 years experince
To qualify for the next category, you must participate in this one with minimum 5 Nominations

6. VIP / VIP Instructor – Participant must to have more than 6 years experience .
Instructor must to have more that 6 years experince .
To qualify for the next category, you must participate in this one with minimum 5 Nominations

7. PREMIUM / PREMIUM Instructor – Participant must to have more than 7-8 years experience .
Instructor must to have more that 7-8 years experince .
To qualify for the next category, you must participate in this one with minimum 5 Nominations

8. PREMIUM JUDGE – Participant must to have more than 9-10 years experience.( Must to have JUDGE Courses or Grand Prix in Briliant CUP )

Please contact organisers for payment details
WhatsApp: +40 745 580 556 / +40 769 562 101

Due to the fact that there are people who want to participate from outside Europe, the payment details will be provided directly to the organizers, in order to avoid unwanted commissions.


For payment with bank account contact the organisers for details. Depends on the country the accounts are different or PayPal
WhatsApp contact: +40 745 580 556 / +40 769 562 101

Participants who have the team will ask the team leader for details on how to register or will be registered by the team leader.
Register without fear!

For marketing purposes, we grant ourselves the right to offer weekly Free Nominations in each Section. (LIKE, SHARE & TAG)Any Competitor who has submitted and paid an application for participation may be a participant in the competition.


Previously works published in magazine, social medial, etc. are allowed. But, of course, we encourage all participants to take time to create newly and beautiful works.MAIN PROVISIONS OF THE REGULATIONS OF THE BRILIANT CUP BEAUTY CHAMPIONSHIP. The championship aims to improve the professional skills of NAILS beauty stylists. The purpose of the competition: To show the profession in a creative, fashionable and highly demanded beauty industry, to attract more interest in this unique direction of beauty, especially NAILS


All nominations are judged based on photographs.

Special Conditions of the Regulations:
– Submit 3 high-quality photos of the work from different angles.
– Include a 30-second video clip.
– Participants are responsible for the transportation costs of awards, medals, and certificates.
– Winning participants are required to cover the delivery expenses of trophies, based on weight, distance, and country. The organizer is not responsible for these costs.
– Judges and assistants are responsible for the delivery of trophies or diplomas to their respective teams or individuals.

Debut Participants:
– Individuals with no prior championship experience, regardless of years of nail expertise, are eligible for the Debut category.
– Trainers who have not previously participated in the Debut Instructor category are eligible for entry.

Judging Process:
– A team of 6 judges is selected, each assessing a specific criterion to ensure accuracy.
– Points accrued determine the placement of the work. The process is conducted with utmost fairness.
– Each online submission is evaluated individually, with an added layer of complexity for the judges. They are unaware of the category of the work being assessed.
– The Poster or TIP box is judged strictly in order to avoid influencing the point category.
– In some cases, multiple placements may be awarded based on the maximum score.
– In the event of a tie, both participants receive the same award.

Online Championship Exclusive:
– The competition will be rigorously and fairly judged to determine the best nail master.

Placement Awards:
1st – 3rd Place: Diploma and Trophy
1st Place: Trophy and Diploma
2nd Place: Trophy and Diploma
3rd Place: Trophy and Diploma
4th – 10th Place: Diploma

  • DO NOT Fill multiple types into a single whole to create a single plane
  • Fasten and glue the tips together * use of tips of any shape and length (from 1 to 15 cm)
  • Participation of works that have already participated in other competitions
  • You can participate with as many works as you want, it is important to have various models. There is no limit, show everyone how good you are!
  • Each master has the opportunity to participate in one or more categories with any number of works



There are 14 categories in this championship. For each category a CROWN and THE GRAND PRIX CUP will be won. 3 girls must fight for one of them to win a place 1,2,3. Cups are diverse and so are the crowns. No money is offered for these categories!

Pay attention on the Grand Prix Excellence and EXCLUSIVE! Only girls who have more than over 25 nominations and have exclusive and excellent works can win these grand prix. Different trophys and different crowns will be won, no money is awarded. There must be 3 girls which will fight to win this title.

Attention for the best champion! The best of the best must be given to those girls who participate with the most works in the championship no matter the category. There must be 3 girls to fight for this title: Grand Prix Champion QUEEN and must have more than 30-40-50-60 works to be able to win the title of champion and will win the amount of 1000 euros + zirconium crystal crown and big trophy 50cm Only one girl will win this title!



1000.Tip Box ART Painting (tips): 5-10 TIPS, FREE THEME-the contest provides a work on a free theme, made in the technique of artistic painting – monochrome (one colour+ all shades of this colour) from 1 -10 tips of any size (the number of tips is selected by the participant depending on the selected composition in the category to reveal the theme). The length and shape of the tips are free. Overlapping the design with the finish coating is not recommended (it is not a violation!)
• connecting multiple types into a single unit to create a single plane;
• 3D details, using airbrushes, stencils, transfer applications, stamps, nail printers.
1001.TIP Box Painting gel/Polish/Watercolors
The most important tourist attractions in all INDIA and the most famous must be painted on 1 tip, 5 tips or 10 tips
1002.Tip Box Painting-tis gel/Polish/Watercolors/3D
The Museum is another exceptional tourist attraction of INDIA . Paint on 10 tips there are no restrictions create a work of art on tips.
1003.Tip Box Painting gel Free Theme or something with connection by Indian Style ( flag , history , traditionals , etc ) on 5 – 10 tips there are no restrictions create a work of art on tips.
1004.Tip Box Painting gel paint/Watercolors/gel
Paint on 5 – 10 tips there are no restrictions create a work of art on tips.
1005. Tip Box Painting-tips gel paint Bollywood Day – Paint on 10 tips there are no restrictions create a work of art on tips.
1006. Tip Box Painting gel Attraction for all romantic people , love in Mumbai . Paint on 10 tips there are no restrictions create a work of art on tips.
1007.Tip Box Painting gel paint/Watercolors-3D ElementsThema Wedding Day in Bollywood . Paint on 10 tips there are no restrictions create a work of art on tips.
1008. Tip Box Painting gel Thema : Autumn in Bollywood . Paint on 10 tips there are no restrictions create a work of art on tips.
1009.Tip Box Paint gel/acrilic color/ Watercolors. Gold foil. Thema : Mistery of Galaxy . Paint on 10 tips there are no restrictions create a work of art on tips.
1010.Tip Box Art Painting Gel Polish free theme
1011.Tip Box Art Painting Gel paint free theme
1012.Tip Box Artistic Painting of Paint free theme
1013.Tip Box Zhostovo : Painting on metal trays
1014.Tip Box Inlay-tips: Incrustations Tips – 5 – 10 Tips -The Inlaying of Types With Stones Does Not Matter The Size of The Stones or The Shape or Dimension At Each Sub Point There is a Nomination Choose and be Creative . Prohibited – DO NOT Cover The Stones With Finish .
1015.Tip Box Patterns of Rhinestones on Tips -paint on tips and glue stones on top of the drawing, create a design of stones,(free theme).
1016.Tip Box Volume inlay (free theme) -design of stones of different sizes and colors be creative and create something volumetric
1017.Tip Box VOLUME 3D Inlay – Figurines are built on acrylic or acrylic tips and the figurines are inlaid with stones. Does NOT quote the size of the stones or the color.they are built directly on tips.(free theme)
1018.Freestyle: Free Theme – On Objects , CLOTHES, SHOES, BAGS, BELTS, LAPTOP OR NOTEBOOK, CHAMPAGNE BOTTLES OR GLASSES. BE CREATIVE YOU HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO CREATE SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL.. This contest is designed to expand the creative horizons of artists. The ability to apply professional skills, technologies and materials in the design of any items/ The following technologies can be used in the work: internal (acrylic and gel) design, three-dimensional (acrylic and gel) design, bas-relief modeling, hand painting. Combination of technologies is welcome Materials for painting are selected depending on the selected category
1019.Tip Box Chinese /ONE STROKE -Painting 5 tips
1020.Tip Box Art Painting Paint
1021.Tip Box Art Painting Gel Polish
1022.Tip Box Art Painting Gel Paint
1023.Tip Box Inlay
1024.Tip Box Acrylic
1025.Tip Box Plasticine
1026.Tip Box Mix Media
1027.Tip Box Zhostovo Gel Paint
1028.Tip Box Zhostovo Gel Polish
1029.Tip Box Airbrushing
1030.Tip Box Mix Media 5 tips – 10 tips
1031.Tip Box Pedicure Acrylic Paints
1032.Tip Box Pedicure Gel Polish
1033.Tip Box Pedicure Gel Paint
1034.Tip Box Pedicure Watercolors (tips):10 TIPS
1035.Tip Box Pedicure Paints
1036.Tip Box Pedicure Gel
1037.Tip Box Pedicure Chinese – ONE STROKE- 10 tips.
1038.Tip Box 1 tips Animal paint
1039.Tip Box 1 tips Floristic Ideea 3D
1040.Tip Box 10 tips Inlay Crystals Decoration
1041.Tip Box 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10 Tips with facial pictures (a woman, man,a child,an animals, insects) – any nail product is allowed & crystal
1042.Freestyle picture on jeans clothes (Denim style), you can paint a portrait related to Bollywood or something that highlights fashion in Bollywood .it can be jeans, pants, skirt, shoe, you can accessorize the picture with stones
1043. Tip Box Crystallized Universe – everything must be made of crystals that can be placed in paintings or on certain objects in a flat form and showing their brilliance
1044. Tip Box Elegant Crystal Mosaics – everything must be made of crystals of various colors with a pleasant chromaticity that can be placed in paintings or on certain objects in various forms and showing their brilliance
1045. Fabergé EGG – decorations
1046. Crystal Canvas Card “Full of Cash” – create a handmade laminated card, decorated with acrylic paints and other materials, including stones and other details
1047. Tip Box Sculpture 3D, 5D, 10D – you can create several figures of various sizes and various themes.
you are free to create what you want. It is important to captivate the juries with a well-designed and well-executed work.


1-3 FOTO /VIDEO-20-30 SEC

Correspondence nominations:
THEME Championship ,,BOLLYWOOD World!” ,,The world of the future !” ,, Bollywood Beauty Industry World Championship!”
Poster with new themes or that have participated in other championships are accepted.
No problem if you have only picture and no video. Important is to be the picture!
Poster rules for participating in the “Poster” category
The Participant sends electronically 1- 3 pictures and if he has the possibility, he also sends a 30 sec video.Editing works using computer programs is allowed only for cleaning, but not for creating the work itself, design elements or of poor quality and content that do not meet the requirements of the competition, as well as works that contradict ethical standards (ambiguous, propagandizing sex, violence, religious and political themes, etc.), are not allowed to participate in the competition.each poster has a number and a nomination name.judges judge the poster does not judge the category.Works are accepted in electronic form, a photo not less than 3508 х 4961 dpi

1. Poster Nails Spring
2. Poster Nails Autumn
3. Poster Fantasy Nails
4. Poster Fantasy One Hand
5.Poster Fantasy Image Safari
6.Poster Fantasy Horror
7.Poster Fantasy Floristic
8.Poster Fantasy Aquarium Animals
9. Poster Fantasy Actors
10. Poster Fantasy Close-Up
11.Poster Fantasy Style
12. Poster Fantasy Extreme Forms Mold
13. Poster Fantasy UniQ
14.Poster Fantasy Couture
15. Poster Fantasy Marvel Movie
16.Poster Fantasy Disney World
17. Poster Anime (Japanese animated films. painting from any movie or cartoon is accepted)
18.Poster Fashion Nails
19. Poster Fashion Creative
20.Poster Fashion Modern
21. Poster Fashion STAR
22. Poster Fashion Look
23. Poster Fashion UniQ
24.Poster Fashion Bollywood style
25.Poster Fashion Salon Design Indian
26.Poster Fashion Print /Stiker
27. Poster Fashion Vintage
28.Poster Fashion Pop ART
29.Poster Magazin Cover Nails
30.Poster Vintage Magazine Cover
31. Poster Funny Magazine Cover
32 . Poster Extravagant Magazine Cover
33. Poster Collage Maker Nails
35. Poster Collage Maker Beauty
36.Poster Collage Maker UniQ
37.Poster Collage Maker Simple
38.Poster Pedicure
39. Poster Pedicure One Stroke
40. Poster Pedicure Zhostovo
41. Poster pedicure UniQ Color
42.Poster Pedicure French
43. Poster Pedicure Watercolors
44. Poster Pedicure inlay with Crystals
45. Poster Peficure 3D Floristic
46. Poster Coloristics Nails
47. Poster RED Nails UniQ
48. Poster BLACK Nails UniQ
49. Poster GOLD Nails UniQ
50. Poster White Nails UniQ
51. Poster Blue Nail UniQ
52. Poster NEON Nail UniQ
53. Poster Pink Nail UniQ
54. Poster Nails PANTONE
55.Poster Nail Guacamole UniQ
56. Poster Nails Emerald Green
57. Poster Silver Nails UniQ
58. Poster Arabic Style
59. Poster Budapest Idea 2023
60. Poster Fashion UniQ Bollywood Idea 2023
61. Poster Man Manicure Natural
62. Poster Man Manicure Salon Portret
63. Poster Man Extreme Nails
64. Poster Decoration Nails with Crystals
65. Poster Decoration Nails Extreme Forms
66.Poster Decoration Nails Salon Forms
67. Poster Decoration Mini Nails
68. Poster Mini Nails
69. Poster 5 Forms
70. Poster 5 Forms Mini Nails
71. Poster 5 Forms Salon Nails
72. Poster 5 Forms Extreme Nails
73. Poster 5 Forms Extreme Creative Forms Mold
74. Poster Nails Shapes: you can use the colours, white, red, black, green, gold
75. Poster Oval Form french
76. Poster Stiletto Form French
77. Poster Almond Form French
78. Poster Square Form French
79. Poster Edge Form French
80. Poster Balerin /Coffin Form French
81. Poster Business French (any color is allowed and any shape).
82. Poster Collage Maker Beauty (any color is allowed and any shape)
83. Poster Business VISIT Card (any color is allowed and any shape)
84. Poster French în French ( can be several layers of french in one nail)
85. Poster Square Mini French
86. Poster Business Mini French
87. Poster One Nail
88. Poster One Nail Mini Nail
89. Poster One Nail Salon Nail
90. Poster One Nail Extreme Forms
91. Poster One Nail Extreme Creative Form Christmas
92.Poster One Nail Briliant with Crystals
93. Poster One Nail 3 D Floristic
94. Poster One Nail in Focus Casino
95. Poster One Nail Disney World
96. Poster One Nail Pictures ART
97. Poster One Nail Figurine Paris
98. Poster One Nail Mold Figurines
99. Poster One Nail Decoration Crystals Color
100. Poster One Nail Bollywood World
101. Poster One Nail Bollywood Fashion
102. Poster One Nail Futuristic Idea
103. Poster One Nail Wedding Style
104. Poster One Nail Visit Card
105. Poster One Nail Arabic Style
106. Poster One Nail Pop ART
107. Poster One Nail Tour Eiffel Paris
108. Poster One Nail Couture
109. Poster One Nail Fantasy
110. Poster One Nail Horror Movie
111. Poster Visit Card Salon Nails Paris
112. Poster Wedding Day Nails Paris
113. Poster History Image (Inspire from movies. You can use any movie to create something fabulous both on the nails and on the face or hairstyle)
114. Poster the image of Pirates (Inspire from movies. You can use any movie to create something fabulous both on the nails and on the face or hairstyle)
115. Poster the image of Spaceships (Inspire from movies. You can use any movie to create something fabulous both on the nails and on the face or hairstyle)
116. Poster the Image of Vampires (Inspire from movies. You can use any movie to create something fabulous both on the nails and on the face or hairstyle)
117. Poster BLACK Nails UniQ
118. Poster GOLD Nails UniQ
119. Poster White Nails UniQ
120. Poster Blue Nail UniQ
121. Poster NEON Nail UniQ
122. Poster Pink Nail UniQ
123. Poster Nails PANTONE
124. Poster Nail Guacamole UniQ
125. Poster Nails Emerald Green
126. Poster Silver Nails UniQ
127. Poster Extreme Butterfly Shapes
128. Poster Fantasy Image Nationality Women – you can create a fantasy image of a woman of any nationality in the world, the nails must corespond to this image makeup and hairstyle to be in the given theme
129. Poster Nails Salon ( can be any colour on all nails or gradients, or glitter pigments and various paints on them)
130. Poster Oval Nails
131. Poster Stiletto Nails
132. Poster Almond Nails
133. Poster Square Nails
134. Poster Edge Nails
135. Poster Balerin Nails
136. Poster Almond Nails Gothic Salon Forms
137. Poster Almond Nails Gothic Extreme Forms
138. Poster Marble Effect (any length and any shape can be used any important color to be marble effect)
139. Poster Nude Nails
140. Poster NUDE Nails Extreme / Painting /Decorations with Crystals
141. Poster NUDE Nails Salon / Painting /Decorations with Crystals
142. Poster NUDE Mini Nails
143. Poster LEOPARD Nails – can be any shape with any important length before being painted leopard. Any colour is allowed
144. Poster White Nails Modeling Extreme
145. Poster Raibow Style (can be full colour nail or french accepted design and other accessories)
146. Poster Yellow Nails (can be full colour nail or french accepted design and other accessories)
147.Poster Orange Nails (can be full colour nail or french accepted design and other accessories)
148. Poster White & Black Nails (can be full colour nail or french accepted design and other accessories)
149. Poster Babyboomer (you can use any color and accessorize as you wish)
150. Poster Babyboomer Mini Nails
151. Poster Babyboomer Salon Nails
152. Poster Babyboomer Extreme Nails
153. Poster Babyboomer Wedding Style
154. Poster Babyboomer Image Salon
155. Poster Babyboomer Neon Effect
156. Poster Avangard Nails
157. Poster Avangard Collage Nails
158. Poster Avangard Vizit Card Nails
159. Poster Avangard Cover Magazine Nails
160. Poster Avangard Fashion Look Nails
161. Poster Avangard Extreme Creative Forms Nails
162. Poster Avangard Futuristic Idea Nails
163. Poster 3 D Nails
164. Poster 3 D Floristic Mini Nails
165.Poster 3 D Floristic Salon Nails
166. Poster 3 D Floristic Extreme Nails (it doesn’t matter if it’s french or color on the whole nail .. in value there should be as many 3D flowers made of leaves as possible and it can be 20%.
167. Poster Monochrome Nails
168. Poster Smart Forms Tips Oval Nails
169. Poster Smart Forms Tips Square Nails
170. Poster Smart Forms Tips Almond Nails
171. Poster Smart Forms Tips Stiletto Nails
172. Poster Smart Forms Tips Russian Almond Nails
173. Poster Simple Manicure (Perfect cuticle, clean nails, proper shape, before and after pictures, macro photo , it is allowed to give them oil.
174. Poster Avangard Fashion Bollywood
175. Poster Avangard Collage Maker Beauty Bollywood
176. Poster Avangard Extreme Creative Forms Bollywood
177. Poster Avangard Cover Magazine Nails UniQ Bollywood
178. Poster Avangard Luxury Nails Decoration Crystals Bollywood
179. Poster Avangard Elegance Bollywood
180. Poster Fashion UniQ Image Bollywood
181. Postee Fashion Creative Image Bollywood
182. Poster Fashion Look Idea Bollywood
183. Poster Marlyn Monroe Nails
184. Poster Crystals Nails UniQ Color
185. Poster Decoration Crystals Color
186. Poster Inlay Nails Idea
187. Poster Fashion UniQ Inlay
188. Poster Fantasy Make Crystals 3D
189. Poster Inlay Creative Form with Crystals
190. Poster Butterfly Figurines with Crystals
191. Poster Smart Forms Tips Nails – polygel , acrygel – any color and decorations with crystals
192. Poster Barbie Nails Salon Forms
193. Poster Barbie Nails Salon Image
194. Poster Fashion Print /Stiker/ Stamping/Glitter/Crystals-the work is done by hand and you can create any shape you can use any color the theme is free creative
195. Fantasy Floristic 3D Elements Nails
196. Poster Fantasy Extreme Creative Forms Molds Nails
197. Poster Avangard Extreme Creative Forms Molds Nails
198. Poster Wedding Day Nails Extreme Forms
199. Poster Fantasy Image Extreme Forms Casino Style
200. Poster Fantasy Floristic 3D Elements Nails


1 Nomination – 75€
2 Nominations – 145€
3 Nominations – 215€
4 Nominations – 285€
5 Nominations – 355€
6 Nominations – 420€
7 Nominations – 485€
8 Nominations – 550€
9 Nominations – 615€
10 Nominations – 680€
11 Nominations – 745€
12 Nominations – 810€
13 Nominations – 875€
14 Nominations – 940€
15 Nominations – 1005€
16 Nominations – 1070€
17 Nominations – 1135€
18 Nominations – 1200€
19 Nominations – 1265€
20 Nominations – 1330€
21 Nominations – 1395€
22 Nominations – 1460€
23 Nominations – 1525€
24 Nominations – 1590€
25 Nominations – 1655€
26 Nominations – 1720€
27 Nominations – 1785€
28 Nominations – 1850€
29 Nominations – 1915€
30 Nominations – 1980€
35 Nominations – 2305€
40 Nominations – 2630€
45 Nominations – 2955€
50 Nominations – 3280€
55 Nominations – 3605€
60 Nominations – 3930€
65 Nominations – 4255€
70 Nominations – 4580€
75 Nominations – 4905€
80 Nominations – 5230€
85 Nominations – 5555€
90 Nominations – 5880€
95 Nominations – 6205€
100 Nominations – 6530€

Judging Criteria

Rigorous Evaluation Criteria

1. *Overall Impression:* A comprehensive view of the artwork in its entirety. Harmony, purity of execution, and the level of intricate details shimmer in a dance of creativity.

2. *Color Palette:* A refined selection of colors and the subtle art of combining them. Colors gracefully interweave in the composition, forming a stunning visual symphony.

3. *Composition and Harmony:* Here, the integrity and dynamism of the created artwork are evaluated. The meticulous construction of the composition transforms it into a unified and vibrant image. The harmony of color distribution adorns the creation in an enchanting dance.

4. *Complexity and Depth:* Appreciates the mastery of the artwork, revealing the depth of the creation and the subtlety of haunting details.

5. *Technical Mastery:* Examines proficiency in various techniques of artistic painting, with the discernment specific to the chosen category.

6. *Excellence in Detail and Precision:* An appreciation of perfect precision and mastery of materials. Meticulous attention to every detail gives the artwork a unique radiance. The precision of design becomes eloquent.

In the event of non-compliance with these sacred principles, the contestant will receive penalty points (up to 10 points, at maximum).

IMPORTANT!!! All responsibility for the selected category falls on the participant or on the coach and organiser of the group.